Mural Project

Umatilla Mural

6x26 - Nugent Park Public Mural Project

Bid/RFP Status: Closed – no longer accepting bids and proposals

Project Goals – 6×26:

The City of Umatilla has a goal to complete six (6) murals in Umatilla. These plans align with city council goals listed below:

Goal 3 – Enhance & Cultivate Relationships, Partnerships, & Community Perceptions

Goal 4 – Increase Public Involvement, Increase Transparency, & Enhance Cultural Diversity

First presented to the Council in April of 2019, the 6×26 Mural Project will beautify the Umatilla community through commissioned artists and public involvement to create murals on downtown buildings. The project will conclude in 2026.

Information and applications for future murals will be available soon. Are you interested in finding out more information about the project or would like to share your portfolio with the City of Umatilla? Reach out to Noemy for more information –

Nugent Park Mural

The first mural in the 6×26 mural project was completed on September 14th, 2023. The mural’s theme was to celebrate Umatilla Parks and Recreation which is highlighted within the mural through depictions of good sportsmanship through hands clasped in the center of the mural. Additionally depicted in the mural is a baseball player mid-swing as well as a kayaker cruising over the words “Umatilla Together.” The motto of the City of Umatilla. Through collaboration with the muralist, Oowah Zoo, the mural was brought to life and will continue to bring color to Nugent Park for many years to come.